Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Veggie Burgers

I posted this recipe before in one of my first posts. It's a gluten and TVP-based veggie burger from Bunnyfoot's blog. When I went shopping last week, I bought everything based on a two-week menu. I then placed the menu on the refrigerator and have been marking off each thing as we have them. My grocery list contained a very minimum of pre-made veggie foods as these are very expsensive and not the healthiest. I've been working on making my own "veggie meats" instead. I have experimented with this recipe and had fair success making it soy-free by replacing the TVP with mashed lentils and/or ground nuts. We served these burgers with oven fries and vegetables.

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Vegetation said...

I love the idea of using lentils or something instead of tvp! Plus, yum, burgers, my biggest addiction (well alongside chocolate anyway ;))!