Monday, October 27, 2008

Pot roast from Vegan Lunchbox

I've made the pot roast from Vegan Lunchbox many times. I like the flavor of it, but wanted to tweak the recipe a little bit. For one thing, I don't like how spongy it turns out. I prefer a firmer texture. Also, I wanted it to have a more savory flavor. So, here are the changes I made and a couple pictures of how it turned out:

-Only used three cups of broth rather than the four cups the recipe called for

-Increased the amount of walnuts to 3/4 cup rather than 1/4 cup. And, I ground them to a find meal, not a coarse meal.

-Increased the amount of marmite and tomato paste three fold.

-Used a LOT more mushrooms and skipped the celery.

-Added a couple tablespoons of soy sauce and 1/2 cup raw cashews when I blended the veggies into a gravy. This added more flavor and thickened it nicely.

Now, I realize that if you don't have Vegan Lunchbox, none of this will make much sense. My advice: buy it! There are so many terrific recipes, even for non-vegetarians. Your kids are guaranteed to eat vegetables the way they are prepared in this book. My husband even likes brussel sprouts prepared the Vegan Lunchbox way. (He used to call them soggy mini cabbages and say they were the one vegetable he just couldn't eat.)

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Vegetation said...

I don't have that book :( But Yum! I've never had a seitan roast before, yours is certainly tempting me to try one!